Bitcoin / Bitcoin Lightning

Miskio uses Bitcoin Lightning for micropayments, transfers, membership charging, and content delivery and utilizes a BTCPay Server. Business accounts have their own non Custodial Store which can also be used outside of Miskio. Charges and wallet can be set in local currency, but actual payment is via BTC Lightning


Miskio offers E-Money wallets regulated under respective country regulations, and these wallets can be integrated into Mini Apps as needed by developers. One such example is PHP Currency used in a custom Enterprise setup of Miskio at Tagcash Ltd in Philippines.

Closed Loop Currencies

A Space can create its own currencies, for closed loop rewards, game currencies, or usage within mini programs built in Miskio. Closed Loop currency can also be purchased using USD Credits (20% fee charged to business that sell it), but cannot be transferred to other users. It cannot be converted to other currencies or withdrawn from the system, it must be consumed within mini apps that a Space has added or created.

About Us

Miskio enables creation, management and usage of web and mobile applications.

Our Contacts

Miskio operates as a brand under Zeresoft Ltd, Registered Number ICC20211053,
Ras Al Kaimah,
United Arab Emirates