$ 14.95 / month
  • Maximum 250 members
  • Bronze Mini Apps
  • Membership Charging
  • 100 GB storage / traffic


$ 29.95 / month
  • Maximum 500 members
  • Bronze & Silver Mini Apps
  • Content & Membership Charging
  • Use your own domain URL
  • 500 GB storage / traffic


$ 49.95 / month
  • Maximum 1000 members
  • Bronze, Silver & Gold Mini Apps
  • Content & Membership Charging
  • Use your own domain URL
  • Generate a mobile app
  • 1 TB storage / traffic

White Label

$ 995 / month
  • 100,000+ Members
  • Change colors & images
  • Development ($25 USD per hr)
  • Income share 30/70 split
  • Seperate code base
  • example:

Membership Charging

Membership to a business can be free, or you may charge a fee (monthly, yearly or lifetime). Miskio takes 20% of any membership charges.
For more than the limit above, charged at $10 per thousand member increments per month.

Mini Apps

Mini apps created by Miskio are part of the pricing levels, but using third party apps may incur extra fees as indicated on Mini Apps page.

Digital Content Sales

There is a 20% charge for Content Libraries or other mini apps that charge to access content. services product or services.

3rd party developed Mini Apps

Free to create and share your own mini apps to your members. Miskio takes 20% of any charges made for rentals or content sales of mini apps.

About Us

Miskio enables creation, management and usage of web and mobile applications.

Our Contacts

Miskio operates as a brand under Zeresoft Ltd, Registered Number ICC20211053,
Ras Al Kaimah,
United Arab Emirates