Register on Miskio and initiate your seamless communication experience by setting up a unique username in your profile. You can kickstart conversations through personal chats or engage in group discussions you have been invited to by an admin. Extend your network by sharing your personal referral URL, allowing you to earn a 25% referral income, which lasts for 3 months from the initial registration of the user clicking on your link.

Group Accounts

Miskio provides a straightforward platform for private group interactions. You can create and manage several group accounts using the Groups Menu. This tool makes it easy to switch between your personal account and the groups you manage, letting you set specific access permissions and apps for various user levels. In these private groups, admins can directly invite members to join or add them to specific lists, granting them the ability to participate in chats and access authorized apps, creating a secure and focused community environment. Members are required to log in to actively take part in discussions. It's important to note that these group domains are private and cannot be found through searchable URLs, ensuring the privacy and exclusivity of your group's content and interactions.

Additionally, for groups seeking to expand their reach and monetization opportunities, there's an option to utilize the same group within, while preserving existing memberships and permissions. This transition is designed to be seamless, allowing group administrators to leverage the extensive social media monetization features available on Tagcash without sacrificing the pre-established structure and security of their Miskio group. This cross-platform functionality presents a unique opportunity for groups to enhance their visibility and revenue streams while maintaining the integrity of their private community settings in Miskio.

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About Us

Miskio enables teams to become more productive, through the use of group chat, Task management and multiple diverse applications

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Miskio is registered in Wyoming, USA