Miskio is developed in Google Flutter, to enable modular development and dynamic loading of "Mini Apps". Optional use of APIs allow you to integrate with users and Spaces for user access control, payments etc.

Mini Apps are free to add to the platform, and can be access controlled by one Space or made open so other Spaces or users can add to their private or public display.They can be free to use, or rented on a monthly, yearly or one time basis.

Referral percentages of income can be offered to incentivise users and Spaces to share and promote a Mini App.


Miskio offers features to help with development:

Private GitLab Access - HTML and Flutter apps are given a gitlab repository address, via which you can add other developers to work on your project. These repositories can be private or public. If you have a Flutter application already on Github, then why not show it off in Miskio as a working application, complete with Git repository. It can be linked directly to Github as well.

Appwrite - A private Appwrite account is set up for each business account that develops its own mini apps. Data can also be real time. This data is yours and can be used as you see fit. REST APIs can easily be built within app write.

APIs - APIs are also offered to interact with users and business accounts.

Gasless EVM Network - A gasless EVM (Ethereum based) blockchain is available for app developers, with a Token Mini App and an NFT Mini App already available to work with.

Mini App 1 Mini App 2 Mini App 3 Mini App 4

About Us

Miskio enables creation, management and usage of web and mobile applications.

Our Contacts

Miskio operates as a brand under Zeresoft Ltd, Registered Number ICC20211053,
Ras Al Kaimah,
United Arab Emirates