Integrate or build solutions with Tagcash


If you are a developer, and know Flutter/Dart, then it's easy to develop modules in Miskio, either for a customer as part of a service you can offer, or to rent on a monthly basis.

Modules can be developed with the Miskio API, or any other API, and can be setup very quickly from within the Miskio app, using the mini app creator form the left navigation menu. A repository is automatically created on Miskio for you to push your code and see immediate changes inside the Miskio app (in demo mode). To appear in live data version, the app would need to be approved by our staff.

An open REST API is available to integrate Tagcash features, at This site incorporates a Swagger interface, with both live and demo sandbox modes, and is for merchant/company handling of money and data. A seperate API is available on request for calls on behalf of the user.

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