Miskio is a membership based ecosystem builder, built in Google Flutter - businesses can create their own super app using dynamically loaded mini apps, and control/charge access to those apps via membership roles and permissions. Business accounts can create their own super app website for their customers to interact with.

Miskio builds templated mini apps for companies to use, or anyone can create their own for rental or own use.

Miskio can quickly create a white label platform and customise the color scheme. If you are interested in partnering to create for an industry segment, especially if you hold an E-Money Wallet license in your country, please contact us.

An example of a platform created using Miskio can be seen at Tagcash.com, built for a licensed and regulated E-Money Issuer in Philippines.

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About Us

Miskio enables creation, management and usage of web and mobile applications.

Our Contacts

Miskio operates as a brand under Zeresoft Ltd, Registered Number ICC20211053,
Ras Al Kaimah,
United Arab Emirates